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pet profile photo

This is a headshot for your beloved pet.

Don't worry about shooting!
Photographer who loves animals

will take photos together.

Capture the moment of your furry baby

About the session


Reduce stress by taking a light walk before your visit


You can get more satisfying result if your pet get grooming or taking a bath before the shooting


Tidy up the hair around their eyes


Please prepare pet's favourite treats or toys for attracting attention


For pets with long hair, prepare a comb used at home


You must clean and take back your pet's excrement.

Please bring the litter bag, pad etc

(studio may refuse your shooting if you visit without preparation)


Pet may run into other customers, please prepare a leash or cage if you think it is necessary


Results may vary depending on the pet's personality and adaptability


Printed photos can be picked up around 7 days after the shooting date.


You are responsible for all injuries or equipment damage caused by pets.

You should compensate accordingly.



Pet Profile
starting at $150

  • take appx 50 photos

  • Choose 1 best photo

  • 1 4x6 printing photo

  • 2 polaroid photos

  • digital copy / mobile wallpaper

(valued at $320)

  • take appx 80 photos

  • Choose 4 best photos

  • 1 4x6 printing photo

  • 4 polaroid photos

  • 1 A3 printing photo with frame

  • digital copies / mobile wallpapers


Retouch and print

$30 _ add retouching / 1photo

               (retouch, digital copy, mobile wallpaper)

$40 _ All digital copies

$10 _ 2 pocket photos

$15 _ 4x6 photo(paper frame included)

$50 _ A4 (frame included)

$70 _ A3 (frame included)

Additional options

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