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Self photo shooting

Feel free to take photos without a photographer.
Grab your friends, partner, family or beloved pet to join us!

You will enjoy the shoot in a private room

without any other strangers.

We provide customers with cameras, props and lighting

like a traditional photo studio.

A Bluetooth remote control is used to take photos so the whole process is self-controlled.

Be your own photographer


How it works

Step 01

Choose your session

Select your session from


Step 02

Choose background colour

Choose a background color that best represents you.

We have B&W, White, Single colours and the Rainbow

Step 03

Enjoy your shooting

Be your photographer with a clicker!

You can take photos as many as you want in your shooting time. 

Step 04

Take all digital copies 

and select some for printing photos

Select your best photos for printing.

The number of prints depends on the session you choose, and additional prints are also possible if desired.

A full digital copy will be provided.

Before we start

Props are prepared in the studio, but you can bring your own.

The session duration is about 60minutes.

(including preparing, shooting and selection time)

If you arrive late, the shooting/selection time may be shortened.

Printing could take about 30 mins after photo selection.

(Can be changed with the daily situation / pick up available on other day) 

Please understand in advance that you may run into other customers' pets before/after the session or during photo pickup.


All shooting options can be selected and paid for on site


Your pets should be under your control

You must clean and take back your pet's pee and poo, please bring the litter bag and pee pad 

(studio may refuse your shooting if you visit without preparation)


Please prepare treats or toys for attracting attention.


Your pet may run into other customers,

please prepare a leash or cage etc if you think it is necessary



starting at $100

  • 1 person included

  • 15 mins shooting time
    with 1 colour background

  • get all digital photos

starting at $250→$200

  • 2 people included

  • 30 mins shooting time
    with 2 colour background

  • Print 2 4x6 inches photo

  • Print 1 A4 photo

  • print 2 GREY signature

  • get all digital photos

Bubble Cam

  • no limit on number of ppl

  • 5 mins shooting time

  • get all digital photos



$10 _ person or pet ​

                   (include kids and babies)

$20 _ shooting time ​

                   (10mins, once only)


$10 _ 1 GREY signature ​

$10 _ 2 pocket photos

$15 _ 4x6 photo

               (any layout, frame)

$50 _ A4 

               (any layout, frame)

$70 _ A3 

               (any layout, frame)

Additional options

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